Welcome to the virtual Cybersecurity Escape Room!

Marwin Mueller, age 65, owns Spass GmbH. An SME in Luzern which has an annual turnover of close to 1.000.000 CHF and an annual profit of 200.000 CHF.

Spass GmbH has been operating in the hospitality industry for the last 30 years and is managing renouned hotels and villas in the Luzern Lake area.

Anne Kingston, age 29, is Marwins assistant and accountant. She has joined a year back and during her interactions, she mentioned to Marwin that she is a single mom of a six year old boy named Ryan.

Anne is a pleasant and helping personality. She likes plants and playing video games.

Marwin is very proud of his business achievements and sometimes acts as an arrogant boss. He is a bit insensitive to kids, due to his experiences. In general, he gets along with Anne and they form a great team at Spass. In the past year, Anne took over most of the office tasks at Spass. She is technology savvy and Marwin likes this quality of Anne's over his other staff.

Marwin and Anne worked on important digital initiatives at Spass like listing its properties on booking portals, creating their own website, launching social media accounts and enabling online banking at UBC Bank in Luzern.

This gave Marwin an edge over his competitors and Spass has seen a 30% increase in revenues and profits this year.

Today, Marwin remembers that two weeks back, Anne came to him and wanted a 1 week vacation to spend time with her son Ryan on occasion of his birthday.

Once again, Marwin and Anne had arguments on Anne's vacations in peak season and Marwin blamed Ryan for this. At the end, Marwin reluctantly agreed to the holidays.

Since then, Anne did not turn up for work. She is not reachable on her mobile and her house is locked.

Marwin has just found that his bank account is debited with 2.000 CHF every day since Anne left.

Marwin has no idea what is happening and he is worried. Therefor, as trusted friends, he has requested that you come here and help him.

Marwin believes it is not a good idea to report the incident immediately to the police or bank as it can damage his reputation.

Now it's Friday. It's 7pm and the UBC Bank is already closed for the weekend.

You need to analyze the gaps Anne might have in her Cybersecurity awareness and secure the Online Banking to stop the money transfers.

Also, try to find out where Anne might be.

All the very best.

This game is used by the European Union Horizon 2020 funded GEIGER project as part of the Cybersecurity Defenders Education program.